Cookie Policy

In order for our site to work effectively and for us to gain some understanding of how our website is being used we use cookies. Cookies are little pieces of information that we ask your browser to remember for us which are stored on your computer.

We use a content management system (CMS) that sets cookies. These are predominantly for the site to function and are not concerned with the collection of information about you.

We also use website analytics on our website. This is in order for us to get anonymous information about how the site is being used (e.g. which pages are most popular, what browsers are being used, how many people are visiting the site etc). We use Google Analytics for this which also sets cookies – both session cookies (which will disappear as soon as you shut down your browser) and persistent (which will stay on your computer for a period of time). This allows Google to understand that you’re the same person returning to the site on different visits. They contain nothing that identifies you personally.

The homepage and the page with contact details uses Google Maps to show our location. Google sets cookies when a map is displayed which are used for its own working and tracking purposes.

None of the cookies that we set or that are set by our trusted partners contain sensitive information.

By using our site you’re accepting that these cookies will be sent to your computer and your computer may store these. However, if you’re concerned about cookies, you can configure your browser either to delete existing cookies or to not accept certain types of cookies in the first place. The following are links to guidance on this for the main browsers:

If you’ve any concerns about your privacy and the use of our site, please feel free to contact us.